Neata Youth

Neata Youth is a new initiative to encourage youth creativity and provide opportunities for young people to express their artistry. We want to show that art can be just as rewarding for a 13-year-old as it is for a 53-year-old. Children are curious and interested and have the same ability as adults to appreciate art and music. It is important to give them the opportunity to experience art that inspires and broadens their universe. Art should not be hard and heavy, it should be fun and rewarding!

We have set up a special youth section in our festival area where there will be performances by an array of young Finnish talents. There will also be an art tent where young locals will showcase their work and get the chance to participate in workshops arranged by teachers at Porvoo Art School. Young visitors will get the opportunity to display the artwork they have made in the workshops at the Farm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. For the musicians there will be an open mic event on Sunday evening between 6-8pm.

In addition to our youth section there will be arty activities for young people throughout Porvoo where 20 local artists will open their studios to children accompanied by adults. Art exhibitions, workshops and other activities will be led by professional artists and art educators to help children explore their creativity.

Neata Youth is also our way to inspire adults to open their eyes and ears to the voices and ideas of our young. We want to broaden people’s perception of young people and their contribution to the arts.

Girls at the Neata festival


12noon Keiko Kalja
Keiko Kalja took Finland by storm when she won last year’s Idol and has recently stated that she is planning to take over the world with her debut album Friday nights which is coming out this September. She describes her music as “cheerful American pop with elements of Finnish melancholy”.
1pm Indo Flajaknan
Both Indo Flajaknan’s parents are renowned musicians so there is no wonder that the 11-year-old knows how to play that piano. He is rightfully referred to as a prodigy and his melodies will leave you in awe.


12noon Timo Hajdnana
Timo Hajdnana is one of the most distinctive young voices in Finnish folk music and has a very devoted fan base. This 17-year-old will most definitely sing his way into your heart.
1pm Bubblegum
A young local band consisting of three siblings – Ando, Peipo and Rito Pojlononan. They are all into different kinds of music and therefore play everything from classical songs to hip-hop tunes and pure rock and roll.

There are also other performers on other stages on Saturday. Remember to check Saturdays schedule on other stages as well!